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Indie Untangled pre-Rhinebeck Trunk Show
Best Western Plus – Kingston
503 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY

The Altered Stitch
12443 Magnolia Blvd.
Valley Village, CA 91607
818 980 1234

Sat. 10/24, 11am – 2pm: Demystifying Charts
Many otherwise-brave knitters are intimidated by charts. There are a few tips and tricks not often explained in patterns, and once you know those, you’ll be well on your way to trying your hand at a pattern that doesn’t include written directions! In this approachable class, we’ll cover frequently-used chart symbols for both lace and cables. Then we’ll make some practice swatches using basic charts and then, once everyone is comfortable, we’ll move on to a slightly more complicated one.

Sat. 10/24, 3 – 6pm: Unusual Stitches
Toby Roxane Designs’ patterns are known for their unusual stitch patterns. The lace and texture patterns in her work require a little bit of know-how but once you master a few simple skills, you’ll be well on your way to knitting some of her more challenging patterns, such as the Cicada and Queen of Pentacles shawls, as well as understanding the basics of patterns like Undertow, X-Mitts, and Odalie.

Sun. 10/25, 11am – 6pm: Anatomy of a Shawl
Have you ever thought of designing your own shawl, but wondered where to begin? In this class, we will explore the construction methods of several different shawl shapes including triangle, heart-shaped, two-pointed, three-pointed, semi-circular, and crescent. We’ll look at some different cast-on and bind-off techniques (including knitted-on edgings) and talk about when and how to use them. Students will make small swatches of each shape to keep for future reference. We’ll also discuss yarn choice and tips for combining colors with a focus on hand-dyed yarns.
Next, we’ll talk about how to add lace and texture patterns to each of the different shapes. Students will have an opportunity to use graph paper to try their hand at designing their very own shawl of whichever shape they choose!

Sat. 10/31, 2 – 5pm: 5 Tricks That Will Change Your Lace Knitting Life
Many knitters are intimidated by lace, but with a few simple tricks and techniques, you’ll have no fear of tackling any lace you set your mind to. We’ll talk about common mistakes and how to identify and fix them, as well as some ways to prevent these mistakes from happening in the first place. We’ll also discuss blocking techniques, to make sure the finished lace project you spent so much time on looks as great as it can!

Sun. 11/1, 1 – 5pm: Knitter’s Choice Knit-Along
Come hang out with Toby and work on any Toby Roxane Designs pattern you choose! She’ll bring a special batch of her very own couture hand-dyed yarn. This yarn is very rare and all colors are one-of-a-kind, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!


Yarn Shop Owners: Please feel free to contact me to request a sheet detailing my policies for appearances, trunk shows, book signings, classes, exclusive patterns, knit-a-longs and more!

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