2014, in List Form

Oh, my readers, so many things have happened since I was here last. 2014 has been a whirlwind so far.

1. Sometime around Halloween I decided that it would be a good idea to try and release a book in time for TNNA in January. Not all the samples were done, and I gave myself the deadline of Thanksgiving to finish all the shawls, write all the patterns, and take and edit all the photos. Miraculously, I (more-or-less) succeeded, and got everything to my very gracious tech editor and graphic designer, neither of whom, upon hearing I needed everything done by Christmas, said what they were thinking (which was probably that they wanted me to die and go to Knitter Hell, where you knit nothing but garter stitch, only by purling) and simply got it done. And thus, I present you with Everwear: London Underground Vol. 2!!
Everwear-Toby Roxane Designs
You can see all the patterns (and purchase the ebook, if you’re so inclined) here. The printed copy made its debut at…

2. TNNA! The National Needlearts Association had its winter trade show in San Diego a few weeks ago. I shared a booth with the lovely Stephannie Tallent of Sunset Cat Designs. This was my first winter show and it was somewhat quieter than the one I went to in June in Columbus. Still, people seemed enthusiastic, and I always seem to have a grand time getting to party with knitters.
After the trade show, I spent a few days in LA with an old, dear friend who lives there now. It was SO nice to have a break from the polar vortex (I don’t typically mind the cold so much, but there’s a certain point…). We ate amazing food, picnicked on the beach, drank ridiculous cocktails (well, that was mostly me), and kitten-sat for this adorable (if violent) kitten. My friend also very patiently drove me around to all the Los Angeles yarn shops for me to hawk my wares and make new friends. Not necessarily in that order. It was hard to come home, especially because…

3. I had to move out of my studio. I’m extremely bummed about this. The little house I was in with some friends is being sold by the owner so we can’t rent anymore, and all my stuff is currently in my parents’ garage. I’m using the dining room table as a workspace (even right now!) which is a pain in the ass because, since I’m basically nocturnal, my most productive work hours tend to coincide with my parents wanting me to clear off the table so they can eat dinner on it. I realize I sound bratty, but if you could see how tiny this house is, you’d see the impossibility of three people trying to live and work in here. I’ll keep you posted on new developments, but…don’t hold your breath. I’m feeling petulant. Indulge me for a moment.

4. Signature Needle Arts is now selling my patterns through their website! They did a lovely little interview with me on their blog, which you should read. This is a company I really believe in and I’m excited and proud to be working with them. More on this soon.

5. Following some illness and a hospitalization, my grandma on my dad’s side passed away last Wednesday. The funeral was Friday morning and things are getting back to normal now, but it’s been hard on the whole family, particularly my dad.

6. I’m running my very first Mystery Shawl Knit-Along!! This is a BIG DEAL and you should sign up if you haven’t already. I worked with the mind-blowingly talented folk over at The Verdant Gryphon to create two colorways specially for the shawl. When you sign up for the knit-along, you’ll receive a coupon code for a discount on the yarn. The first clue comes out February 7th, and you can see much more information about it here.

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